One-Time SEO

Optimize and increase high value keywords on Google Search.

Increase Performance

SEO Goals
Index High Value Keywords

One-Time SEO

Starting from: INR 250 - 600 per page

A One-Time professional SEO service that includes enhancements to make sure your website is ranked on Google and other search engines with high value keywords. The more high value keywords your website is ranked for means the higher number of traffic your website will gain.

Included Optimizations

Keyword Strategy

META Title

META Description

Image Tags

Broken Links

404 Errors

Performance & Security

GZip Caching

JS / CSS Minify

Firewall Security

Search & Reports

Sitemap Generation

Google Search Entry

Traffic Report (after 3 months)

Case Studies

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Frequently asked questions about SEO.

Will this help my website rank better on Google?

Yes, having a professional check and update your website with critical ranking factors will always have a positive effect on your web rankings.

Do I need a specific website system?

Yes, we only work with WordPress, if you are running an out of date website system we would recommend you to update to a WordPress system before spending any money on professional SEO services for best results.

One-Time SEO service or Annual service?

We recommend using our One-Time SEO service for the first 1-3 months and then moving over to our Annual SEO service, this gives our SEO experts time to run an initial indexing on Google and put together an official keyword strategy to run on throughout the year.

Difference between One-Time and Annual SEO services?

Our One-Time SEO service puts the fundemental aspects in place for an effective initial indexing on Google based on performance enhacements and addition of initial high value keywords. Our Annual SEO service goes further on gathering accurate high value keyword integration per page and looks into further advanced factors that may be effecting rankings like social factors and freshness of content etc.