Trying to create or update a website for your business?

You may come across many questions like, What would be the best design? What am trying to achieve? How much will it cost? Which technologies are best for my application? Do I need SEO? etc.

Just creating a presence online doesn’t really cut it anymore on the web and all businesses are recommended to follow suit on some important points:

  • Brand Usage
  • User Experience
  • System Sustainability
  • Performance
  • Yes to SEO & Entry

Brand Usage

A good web design company will not only be able to create a website that looks good, however will be able to stick to brand colours, imagery and the feel of the website that is correct for the company.

This is important as a customer talking to you within an expo for example, and you hand out a business card that is very corporate and stylish, this potential customer goes over to your website and finds that the website is super colourful and live.

Now the customer has seen something, and was expecting the same, however by not keeping to a strict brand structure you have confused the customer and therefore lost a potential online lead or sale.

User Experience

It is always recommended to do a mockup / draft design on paper before going into any development. This helps define concepts like page layout, menu bar items, look & feel of the website before development starts and can help save huge amounts of time in the long run.

A major factor in low user experience can be due to the system and technologies used choices to build the website, so we recommend doing the research first as far as possible into how you want the end result to function before diving into the development of the website to make sure you have all corners covered for the best final results.

Using an adaptable website CMS system and theme vs a less adaptable highly customized system and theme … most website developers are moving over to CMS systems because they are much more easier to sustain, easier to make major changes to the structure of the site and easy to install security.

System Sustainability

Many business owners spend a large portion of their marketing budget on their websites, it is the developer’s responsibility to provide a good, secure and sustainable system, that can be developed on for many years and be easily developed on by other developers also … this creates security for the investment made and a business owner is happy to be spending his money on a website which he can maintain long term.


Just imagine when your user goes onto the your website they are having to wait 3-5 seconds before the website loads … not good for business …

The technologies of shared hosting has come far now and we find running small – medium sized CMS driven websites to perform at lightning speeds on good quality shared hosts without a problem. So beware of web design companies and their “we have our own servers” comments … as most of them are just using shared hosting environments, and may have chosen a very bad one!

SEO & Search Engine Entry

Every business website should be entered into Google and Bing using an xml file, many web design companies offer search engine entry separately from their website design services, this is because search engine entry is actually part of the search engine optimization process. You may have to ask them to enter your website into major search engines, and should really be a free service on request. Even better to SEO the website and then enter it into search engines so you rank well … we recommend all businesses to consider SEO and entry for their websites!


Building a good website can be a complex process,

  • DIY projects may look great to the business, however may not have the sustainable factor for future online business growth due to the lack of functionality of DIY website building sites,
  • Going for the lowest cost developer may only lead to expenses without any returns,
  • Using a very larger design company may only lead to time consuming development without any real performance and results without shedding excessive amounts of money,

So be sure to do your research and make accurate decisions when developing your businesses website and choose the right company for development,