We have been search engine optimizing websites for over 8 years now and have helped businesses:

– With zero traffic, start generating traffic
– With low traffic, increase their traffic
– With high rankings on Google, maintain their rankings

So what is Search Engine Optimization?
As the name states, it is the process of optimizing your website so that search engines like Google and Bing can read and understand the content of your website and index your website into their search engines correctly.

Why should I SEO my website?
The process of website optimization helps your website be healthy and generate traffic and sales for your business. It is an essential part of the website development process now days for all websites, without it your website simply does not exist and customers cannot find you when they are searching for you, which is bad for business!

What methods of optimization are necessary?
We know the higher you rank on search engines, the better it is for your business. Google has upgraded its search over the years and now recognises and ranks websites according to their quality and user experience factors as well as content and keywords.

Bearing these points in mind we believe the following factors are important for website SEO:

1. Interface & experience?

Search engines monitor the customer experience your viewers have had on your website through monitoring their interaction metrics, if you are not able to provide a quality experience for your visitor, search engines will know this and rank your website lower.

Is your website clear and relevant to your product and customer so that visitors are able to browse, be comfortable with and interact with your website well?

2. What to optimize for?

A search phrase that has 100,000 searches per month is much more likely to drive higher sales than a search phrase that has 1,000 searches per month. Therefore, we research and find keywords that have the highest value in terms of searches whilst being relevant to your product before any optimization is done, this is called the keyword strategy.

3. Implement the strategy

Once we have formed a valuable optimization strategy we implement the strategy into the website, this would include processes like speed enhancement, title and description meta data optimization, image alt data optimization, broken link checks and more to make sure all checkpoints are ticked when Google views your website.

4. Enter into search

Now that we have implemented the strategy your website is ready to be entered into Google, Bing & Yahoo search engines. We generate an XML sitemap which the search engines can read easily and enter it into the search engines. The search engines take between 3 days and 3 weeks to update their indexes before your website is fully visible to potential customers and starts ranking for our new high value keywords.

5. Monitor & tweak

The next step is to monitor the progression of our keywords and see how we have done over time and if we can tweak further. We would then tweak your pages every month for our chosen keywords and update your website with fresh content so search engines see the value of your website and keep ranking it higher.

6. Advanced ranking techniques

If you want to be first position for your high value keywords, this requires a little more hard work, once the above processes are complete you can continually create high value backlinks to your website and add new content to your website. Processes like, social marketing, PPC marketing and blogging help to strengthen your search engine rankings over a long time to guarantee your position and rankings throughout your business lifetime.

Using the structured processes above you are sure to be successful online. For any further details please get in touch with us on: info@agnisage.com.