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Lawyer Website | Law Firm | Legal Websites

Build a perfect website to suit your law firm business.

Small Site
3 – 7 Pages

Medium Site
8 – 29 Pages

Large Site
30 – 59 Pages

Corporate Site
60+ Pages

Only £350

An online business presence is important for all law firms to create brand strength and providing easy access to important information the clients may require including how to find your business and vital contact details.

We take all aspects of the design and development process under consideration when creating every website and are able to interpolate your brand effectively to all online viewers professionally.

All our websites are fully optimised and search engine ready.

Example Designs

Lawyer Website | Law Firm | Legal Websites
Lawyer Website | Law Firm | Legal Websites

Frequently asked questions about business websites.

Is the website developed specifically for my business?

Yes, we would create a brand new design template for you to approve based on your logo and brief provided during our consultation.

What functionality is included with my website?

We are able to include most functionality within the development cost, simply let us know what you would like and we should be able to add it to the website whilst in the development stages. This can include image gallery, enquiry forms, maps etc.

How long will it take to develop my website?

Depending on the size we are normally able to put together a website within 1 - 3 weeks, for larger websites it can take longer.

Do I need hosting for the website?

Yes, your website would need to reside on a hosting plan, if you do not have hosting already we can suggest you a package from our own Agnisage Hosting services.