Annual SEO

On-page SEO to increase your website over a year.


SEO your website to rank higher on Google

Our annual service helps businesses optimize their website page by page and tweak meta data over a year to reach higher ranks on Google.

Annual SEO

On-Page SEO

Every page of your website is optimized in content page by page to help your whole website rank higher on Google.

Image Tags

META Optimization

Keyword Integration

Annual Service

Your website is tweaked every 3 months to make sure it keeps ranking higher on Google throughout the year.

META Tweak

Content Tweak

Traffic Reports

A report on tasks completed and a report on how your website has done on Google & Bing Search is provided every 3 months.

Start Your Order

Let us know your website details and we will forward you a quote for the work.


We accept all major credit cards, as well as payments via Paypal.
30% deposit required to start

Optimize using
SEO Powersuite

SEO Power suite is the leading SEO software in the world and helps us provide our clients with a world class optimization service.

Annual SEO

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