Increase lead generation and sales by advertitsing on Google Search.

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Professional marketing campaigns have a very positive effect on website rankings, lead generation and sales. We run campaigns for clients around the world with campaigns available to suit most budgets. A full reporting services is provided so you are always clear on the progress of your campaign and ROI from impression to sale.

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Frequently asked questions about advertising.

What is an advert?

An advert is either a text, image or animated image placed on Google Search and partner site to show your product or business offerings.

What is a keyword?

A keyword is used to identify which search results we would like our advert to be shown, for example if we are selling dog biscuits through a website, we would target our advert to be shown under the keyword dog biscuits.

How many adverts and keywords do I need?

You can start of with as little as a single advert and keyword to target, for larger budgets and product ranges we would recommend a higher number of adverts and keywords.

What budget is suggested for a good advertising campaign?

The higher the budget the more chance we have of generating increased volumes of traffic to your website. We would suggest a value that would suit your business budget and we can run some numbers and let you know exactly the number of leads the campaign would generate.