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Increase online sales through social and PPC marketing.


+ What is Social & Marketing ?

Our social and marketing package helps our clients access paid traffic to their website as well as setup and optimize their social accounts for better conversion. Platforms we work on includes Google PPC Ads, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.

+ Why do I need this ?

Google Ads are paif for ads we can setup for your business / product range to generate relevant traffic of potential customers, increasing website traffic and lead generation.

Social accounts setup and  optimization helps connect your social accounts with your website, which in turn helps you rank better online supporting your SEO efforts.

+ Do I have to pay for the traffic ?

Yes, any paid traffic is paid for directly by you, we do not take a commission from it. We will help you optimize your social and ads budget to generate highest amount of traffic that is searching for you for the least cost.

Key Features:

Our social & marketing package provides the following features.

If you don’t have the accounts already, we will setup the accounts for you, optimize them and maintain them for you.

Social Networks

Get Social
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  • Setup Social Accounts
  • Optimization
  • Add Posts To Accounts

Ads Campaign

Generate Traffic
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  • Google Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • Facebook Ads

Business Page

Business Visibility
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  • Google Business Page
  • Google Maps Page
  • Bing Business

Article Writing

Fresh Content
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  • For Website
  • For Social Accounts
  • For Marketing

Setup & Optimization

Social and ads accounts are setup and optimized to look smart and generate relevant traffic to your website.

Professional Campaigns

Our marketing campaigns are setup professionally so that you spend less and gain better results.

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